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Classica Asscher Cut Plain Band Engagement Ring

  • £759.00
14K Yellow Gold
14K White Gold

This beautiful asscher cut engagement ring features a timeless solitaire look with the added details of a hidden halo and decorated bridge. The high polished band provides striking contrast and lets the main stone take center stage. 

This ring is made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

Premium Quality

Our rings are made with the top 10% of all moissanite and grown diamonds only. We hand select only D color, VVS+ clarity moissanite, and FG color, VS+ clarity diamonds coming from the best gem cutters in the industry.

This high standard ensures that you or your recipient will receive a stunning and unforgettable piece that will be cherished for years to come.

It's vital for your jewelry to be durable so it can bring you years of enjoyment. Moissanite ranks 9.25 - 9.5 on the mohs hardness scale, making it the second hardest substance in existence. A lab grown or natural diamond is the hardest gemstone with a 10 rating. Even steel has only a rating of 6.

The high hardness means your center stones or accent stones are extremely difficult to scratch, and therefore will not lose brilliance or get dull with time. You Segen Luxury piece will look beautiful even generations later.

The internet has become flooded with low priced, mass produced jewelry originating from regions known for unethical working conditions. You deserve better.

Your Segen Luxury ring is made exactly to your specs by skilled jewelers in the USA. We retain the traditional values of jewelry making, where pride of work and craftsmanship truly shows. Our jewelers take the time and care needed to create your heirloom quality piece.